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Big Data Consulting and Custom Solutions

Fullduplex acknowledges the challenges of collection, storage and process, the ever growing volumes of Big Data on an industry scale. Fullduplex delivers Big Data consulting and development services customized for businesses in Retail, Advertising, Banking, Telecommunication, Finance and much more.

Our Big Data expert consultants make data science serve the enterprises which strive to harness the critical operations of data processing. All you get are the powerful insights which are derived from the greatness of mission-critical information, this makes your decision making fact based and accurate.

Big Data Strategy

Our team’s expertise can assist you to evaluate your current capabilities and take them a step further with a specific strategic plan to discover the true value of Big Data for your business goals.

Big Data Integration

Fullduplex aims to deliver a real time and full picture of your data assets, we connect your data, system and process throughout your IT ecosystem and back them into a sole manageable silo.

Data Governance

Fullduplex acknowledges the fact that quality of data is paramount. We are here to ensure that all your data at hand is complete, clean and duplicated. Furthermore, we are here to set up the rules and policies for proactive governance and quality verification to keep that data according to your standards at all times.

Customer Master Data Management

We promise to deliver you an excellent customer experience by giving you a unified, all round view. We provide the best by enabling customer master data management throughout your enterprise applications, for instance CRM, ERP, or accounting, and we ensure that it is accurate and consistent.

Data Mining and Aggregation

We are here to assist you in embracing the wide variety of Big Data sources by bringing them altogether on a holistic map. Hence, your enterprise can look for the correct answers without missing any complex details.

Big Data Analytics

We offer you the best by our advanced Intelligence expertise, we convert big amounts of unstructured data into visualized, customizable reports improved by interactive dashboards that make analytics manageable even for non tech users.

We offer the best services whether you are planning on just analytics or you have already implemented Big Data solutions, we are here to assist in maximizing the return on your investment. Right from strategic planning to advanced analytics- we are here to make that data for you.

Technologies We Work With

We provide best services by efficiently choosing our stack and expand it in line with the demands of the day to make sure that you benefit from the latest Big Data innovations. As the core of our services, we implement a wide variety of Apache technologies to give you the power of the market leading platform for your analytics requirements.

Our complete technological competencies:


Apache Zookeeper


Apache Hue


Apache Ambari




Amazon EMR


Apache Kafka


Apache Spark


Apache Storm




Apache Hadoop

Contact Us

We are here to solve any of your Big Data challenges for enterprises. Contact us with a brief outline of your requirements, and our Big Data experts will contact you as soon as possible to suggest the most appropriate option for cooperation.