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Media and Entertainment Solutions

Fullduplex has been helping Media and Entertainment companies benefit from digital innovation with its outstanding opportunities and competition. With our solutions in place you can boost revenues while you reach and engage customers across all channels and at all times.

With big data driving this digital new world, Fullduplex enables M&E businesses to take benefit from all the data they have, getting to know their audiences in detail and making effective decisions.

Our Customers


ISPs, CDNs, hosting, streaming and other service providers


MSOs/MVPDs, networks, broadcasters, film studios


Digital advertisers and publishers, ad exchanges


Magazine, book, newspaper and educational publishers


Audio and music publishers


News, entertainment and sports portals

Tell us about your requirements, and our team will help you work out a digital
strategy that will bring your business to the next level.

Our team offers technology solutions for managing complex workflows which includes media production, storage, processing, distribution, and much more. Along with video sitting at the heart of the M&E transition to digital, Fullduplex customizes and deploys top-notch platforms to help you bank on video, too.

  • Custom UI and UX
  • Encoding and transcoding
  • Payment and billing for VOD and Live Streaming
  • Content protection and security
  • CDN-based video delivery and ad-supported monetization

Fullduplex is dedicated to help M&E businesses deliver personalized, multi-screen user experiences at any time, at any place while making new audiences, with better engaging than existing ones, and developing new revenue ways.

  • Online video platform
  • Interactive web portals and mobile apps
  • Second-screen apps
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Social media integration

Fullduplex brings along the power of digital advertising and FinTech which enables new methods of generating revenues, supported with world-class technology infrastructures.

  • Data management
  • Ad inventory management
  • Yield optimization
  • Demand-side and supply-side platforms
  • eCommerce, subscription and payment solutions

Fullduplex’s team allows media companies to maximize the value of their content via better understanding of evolving customer demands, and hence more personalized offerings.

  • Marketing management and automation
  • Audience segmentation
  • Big data management and analytics
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Predictive analytics

Enabling media companies to reduce the time to market for new products and services while str

Fullduplex enables media companies to reduce the time to market for fresh products and services while streamlining their business processes at reduced costs.

  • CRM, CXM, and loyalty management
  • Human resource management
  • Finance, billing, and accounting
  • Partner relationship management
  • Employee collaboration and mobility

Let’s Talk Your Solution

Fullduplex is here to help you strive in growing competitive marketplace through opportunities and risks, which can help in better understanding of audience,  ubiquitous content, and new revenue streams. Fullduplex offers the necessary technological skills and tools to help you maximize these opportunities while surpassing the obstacles along your way to digital success.

Our expert team of business analysts will sit down with your stakeholders to develop a solid strategy based on the analysis of your competitors and with an eye for your growth. Fullduplex will take it from there to deliver a next-generation solution which will enable customers to achieve the right audience at the right time.

Large-Scale Redesign of a Global Media Portal

Fullduplex is a feature-rich CMS-driven web platform powering nine video portals of a renowned global media and entertainment company.

We are retooled from the ground up, all portals got a update, visually appealing, mobile-friendly UI that effectively improves audience engagement, decreases bounced traffic, and maximizes ad revenues.

Live Streaming and VoD App for Smart TVs

An easy-to-use smart TV app for live and on-demand viewing on Samsung Tizen devices.

Fullduplex is Integrated with the powerful video delivery platform, the solution comes smooth cloud and CDN integration, advanced white-labeling capabilities, and multi-language support.

Next-Generation Content Mobility Platform SDK for Smart TVs

Fullduplex extended the functionality of a powerful content delivery platform to give integration with smart TVs.

The upgraded solution gives direct streaming of content from iOS and Android devices to a range of supported smart TV platforms and streaming sticks.

We Are Ready to Help

Fullduplex is dedicated to help you succeed in this very crowded and fragmented industry. Tell us about your idea in detail, and our technical experts will contact you with an offer of a free consultation and a proof of concept.