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Application Development Services and Solutions from Fullduplex

Leverage advanced information technology to propel your business to new levels. Technology that enables you to devise new strategies, reach new markets, and optimize internal processes. All to give you a competitive edge!

Fullduplex leverages advanced software technology to develop world-class software solutions designed to meet your specialized business needs. Whether the solution is standard, tailored, or custom, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a best practices solution.

Online Video and Live Streaming

Content Management and Distribution, Custom UI and UX, Encoding and Transcoding, User Management, DRM, Advertising and Monetization, and more.

Video Chat and Conferencing

Plugin-Free Video Solutions, Client Integration, Server-side RTC Development, Video Conferencing Chat Customization, Multi-Screen Deployments, and more.

WebRTC and Real-Time Communication

Video and Audio In-browser Communication, Screen Sharing and File Transfer Functionality, Desktop and Mobile, Server-side Integration, and more.

EdTech and eLearning

eLearning Applications, Knowledge Management, Electronic Libraries, Scheduling, CRM, Email Marketing, CMS, Software Integration, and more.

AdTech and Digital Advertising

Ad Inventory Management, Demand-Side and Supply-Side Platforms, Real-Time Bidding, Yield Optimization, Data Analytics and Reporting, and more.

Big Data

Big Data Integration, Data Governance, Data Mining and Aggregation, Big Data Analytics, Customer Master Data Management, and more.

Business Intelligence

Data Discovery, Warehousing and ETL, OLAP and Data Visualization, Reporting and Interactive Dashboards, Mobile Business Intelligence, and more.