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Fullduplex delivers what it promises. Their professionalism and skill work is commendable. The team of experts never failed to provide us with their assistance. The team navigated our digital marketing campaign exceptionally, provided us with invaluable advice about developing our brand through use of website and social media. Furthermore the Fullduplex team efficiently managed the launch of our new look from print material, design to conveying a consistent brand message and experience.

Our whole experience was incredible and we look forward to working with this highly creative team on future projects soon.


Owner, iShine Trade

Fullduplex promised me excellent consultancy and execution, and that is what they delivered. The team made sure to provide efficient consultancy on brand assessment and strategy. They provided assistance to help me create and identity that could late be expressed in the stage two of process, the web design.

The team also carried out the SEO campaign excellently, they helped in drawing a strong brand identity that has been placed to push us up to the rank 1 page 1 on several search keywords.

Zakir Muhammad

Owner, Propal

Our experience of working with Fullduplex has been the best. The team was with us through every step of web design and SEO. We had on hand assistance through out and everything went smoothly as promised. Their work ethic is professional and we look forward to work with them in the future.

Singapore sgp

Business Manager, Match a Builder

Fullduplex’s level consultancy surpassed our expectation. The team really proved themselves worthy. They were their from the start of web designing process to the excellent execution of the design. The team never disappointed when it came to assistance, they were always present. I would recommend Fullduplex to anyone who is looking for a serious professional team.


Owner, Localmoo