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WebRTC Application Development

WebRTC is a technology and web standard that is on the rise these days. It allows web developers to implement video and audio chat solutions as well as introduce data-sharing functionality right in your browser without any plugins or client apps installed on your device – everything with the help of a simple JavaScript API.

This advancement in technologies is meant to make communication on the web simple and convenient, and, due to its open-source nature, enables relatively low entrance costs to the market for players with various budget capacity.

WebRTC Projections

WebRTC market to grow at a CAGR
of 36.02% by 2020
6.7 billion WebRTC-capable
devices by 2019
2 billion potential users
already today

WebRTC brings about the transformation of the entire communication landscape, giving tangible advantages both to WebRTC users and businesses.


  • Ubiquity with hassle-free video & audio from everywhere;
  • Connectivity with bandwidth adaptivity;
  • Audio & video quality with noise reduction & jitter buffering;
  • Security — no plugins and no malware uploaded;
  • Richer interaction & functionality — native-like communication from a browser;
  • Overall UX & performance.


  • Lower entrance costs with BSD license;
  • Faster TTM — easily implemented with JavaScript API;
  • Fragmentation-free — wrapped on a page with HTML5;
  • Potentially bigger user base with сross-platform reach via a browser;
  • Pool of Ideas for Business — video, voice and data web apps across various market segments.

WebRTC: Where Is the Disruption?

Client/Plugin-Based Communication vs. Real Time Communication on the Web

No 3rd-party apps registrations!

No plugins upgrades!

Pure browser-based RTC!

WebRTC Application Development with Fullduplex

We at Fullduplex are thrilled to deliver solutions based on WebRTC technology.

We know the challenge of providing an efficient application, which meets the industry standards and the customer requirements. WebRTC provides an array of opportunities across multiple market segments and we are determined to help our customers open new possibilities for their businesses with the new technology.

Why Start Your WebRTC Endeavor with Us?

Fullduplex is a team of passionate technology geeks, while online video and VoIP have always been in the focus of our interests. No wonder we are already hands on WebRTC, exploring and testing the opportunities of this innovation both for our company’s and our clients’ needs. A substantial expertise in providing video solutions meant for different purposes as well as qualified web development skills that Fullduplex experts enjoy are our strengths.

Contact us and we’ll help you make inroads into Web Real Time Communication space and join the line of WebRTC pioneers!